Pine Creek Trip Details

Join us for an exciting canoe trip through the scenic Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. We’ll camp under the stars, chow down at the famous Wellsboro Diner, canoe the spectacular Pine Creek and tour the wonderful countryside of northcentral PA.

Detailed Itinerary:

  • Friday Night: camping at Leonard Harrison PA State Park ( There are about 40 sites and usually less than half of them are occupied.

  • Saturday Morning: we should wake by 8:30, pack up and drive into Wellsboro for breakfast at the famous Wellsboro Diner ( (featured in the Zippy the Pinhead comic!). We should be done by 10ish, then drive to the outfitters (about 15 minutes away). We arrive at Pine Creek Outfitters ( before 11am and sign in. We’ll load stuff into the canoes, then set off, leaving the cars in the parking lot.

  • Saturday Afternoon: the Saturday paddling is about 4 hours and will hit the one rough spot. We should arrive at camp by late afternoon for lunch and camp setup. Since it’s first-come, first-served, it’s best to push forward for a good spot on the shore.

  • Saturday Evening: prep and start supper, so that we are done before dark. Then it’s time for nighttime fun. We are in a very remote canyon (the Grand Canyon of PA), so cell phones will not work there.

  • Sunday Morning: wake up sometime early (probably before 8), cook breakfast, cleanup, and then back to paddling. I would like to tell the outfitters that we will be back by 2, but we could be back earlier. Depending on the pickup time, our wakeup time and paddling speed, we will either eat someplace on the water, or when we get to the end.

  • Sunday Afternoon: once we get to the end, the shuttle will pick us an our gear up and transport back to the outfitters. If folks are still hungry, we can grab food or ice cream in Wellsboro before departing for home.

  • Packing Stuff:


  • Friday: whatever, though it will be colder there than down here.

  • Saturday paddling: good shirt and long sleeve top (at least in reserve), in case it gets chilly. A windbreaker or some semi-waterproof top is also good. Depending on the weather, shorts or comfy long pants. Swimsuits are always an option. River shoes (the shoes always get wet) or sandals (with good straps so they don’t fall off in the water) and optional socks. A hat is always nice, and strap for glasses can prevent a tragic lose of sunglasses. You may also want a small towel, wrapped in something to keep it dry. Though it has never happened, it is always good to plan on everything getting wet.

  • Saturday camping: dry clothing packed in waterproof bags (or several good trash bags), new dry shoes and warm outerwear, in case it gets cold.

  • Sunday paddling: could wear the same thing, but I prefer at least one dry inner layer to start the day. Depends on your love of possibly wet clothing.

  • Sunday drive home: have a complete set of dry clothes (maybe Friday night clothes) stored in car, so just in case you get everything wet there’s one definite dry set for the ride home.

  • Optional: they do rent dry suits (or just tops or bottoms) in case you think you’ll be cold.

  • Meals:

  • Saturday lunch: a selection of cold cuts and cheese with rolls and condiments. Cookies and fruit, plus water and soda

  • Saturday dinner: last time we had melted-cheese Tostitos and salsa for Happy Hour, then hard tacos for dinner (with all the trimmings). We can make it meatless, or divide the cooked stuff, then add ground beef.

  • Saturday night: assortment of snacks. Feel free to bring your own S’mores ingredients (if you’re into that)!

  • Sunday breakfast: French toast with sausage (veg and meat), oj, tea and coffee

  • Sunday lunch: round two of same stuff

  • Note: feel free to suggest any alternatives, dietary restrictions, etc.

  • Packing:

  • I have two dry sacks, so I will stuff as much gotta-stay-dry stuff in there as possible. I recommend 2-3 trash bags for sleeping bags and tents (don’t forget to compress and tie off each layer!). I will have two coolers, so we should be good for keeping stuff cold. I will bring rope, but feel free to bring more – everything in the canoe will be tied down, so in case anybody tips, their stuff won’t float away. The zipper bags are really great – feel free to pack small things within your bag/pack.

  • I have a first aid kit and shovel (for facilities). I have other camping odds and ends, but probably don’t have an axe. We will cook on a single propane stove – and hopefully a campfire (which works great with the taco shells). I have plastic wear, cups, bowls, etc.

  • Bring a flashlight – I recommend loading the (fresh) batteries backwards so that it doesn’t turn on in your bag. Better yet, bring two.

  • Any Saturday evening and Sunday morning cleanup is at the river’s edge.

  • It could rain at some point, so a poncho is nice.

  • If you bring a tent, a ground cloth is nice – old shower curtains also do the trick.

  • Don’t think we had a bug problem, but bug spray is always nice.

  • Bring sunscreen.

  • It’s a few degrees colder up there (Wellsboro is the closest town for comparison), so an extra flannel shirt or light jacket is always nice.

  • Directions to campground:

    1. Get on turnpike and proceed north on NE Extension (I-476) (for about 80 miles)

    2. Exit at interchange for I-80 (believe this is exit 95)

    3. Proceed west on I-80 (for about 66 miles)

    4. Exit onto US 15 North (towards Williamsport)

    5. Proceed north on Route 15 (for about 60 miles)

    6. The last time I drove up here at night, the only food place open was in Mansfield (McDonalds), so if you want some hot food, proceed into Mansfield on Business 15; otherwise:

    7. Turn L onto US 6 West

    8. Proceed west on US 6 into Wellsboro

    9. Once in Wellsboro, follow signs for PA 660

    10. Proceed on PA 660, which ends at Leonard Harrison campground

    11. We have reserved sites 15 and 17, so our names should be on them.

    12. The total distance is about 240 miles and takes almost exactly 4 hours.

    Directions to Pine Creek Outfitters (570-724-3003):

    1. Follow directions through 10, except before the campsite:

    2. Turn R onto PA 362, towards Ansonia

    3. The outfitter is near the intersection of US 6 and PA 362.