The Urban Challenge

The Urban Challenge was the first urban clue-based running (and mass transit) race that I've hear of and entered. Joe Kemp and I entered the 2004 race in Philadelphia with 74 other teams... and came in 2nd! We just missed a free trip to Miami for the finals! We started and ended at Dave & Busters. Each team received a clue sheet with 10 locations. You could use any means to figure out where the locations were and run there (or use mass transite - no private vehicles allowed!). As we raced from location to location our phone support team assisted us in deciphering the next location. While at each location, we had to take a photo of ourselves using the provided camera cell phone (hence the mediocre photos). A lot of sweaty fun! They had run the race for four years in Philly, but this was the first time I had heard about it. Sadly, the race sort of folded in 2005, but the organizers recently emailed me saying that they would return! Check out www.urbanchallenge.com for all the details.

The Finish Line!

Outside the Big Ass Olive Place

Spelling HELP in semaphore

The Signer Dude (used in the Urban Dare too!)

Where I25 Takes You