Urban Dare 2010 - Super Dare Championship - Day 3

Urban Dare Race in Nassau

Location 6: Thanks Austin!!!!

Bonus Picture 2: the ol' pyramid

Location 8: meeting Roebuck

Location 11: another Solomon

Location 10: such edgy ads!

Location 1: not the band

Location 5: outside the museum

Location 3: somewhere back there is a statue

Location 4: actually needed to do a dare here!

Location 9: another dare - not photo - place!

Bonus Picture 1: Thanks again Austin!!!!

Jenny & Kris at the finish



Finish line

Relaxing after the race

Pose A

or Pose B?

Time for Bahamian beer!

And a round for Kris & Jenny!

Time to leave

Goodbye Nassau!

More instruments - but do they really work?

Our guiding tugboat

Leaving the inlet

Time to party again

The dock

The city

Running the gaunlet entrance

Before we left

Paradise Island

Wacky flags

Time for the awards

3rd place

2nd place

And the winners!

Group shot

Da check

How clever!

Jenny & Kris, anchor team!

Our room

A lobster... how did they know????