Urban Dare 2010 - Super Dare Championship - Day 2

Obstacle Course on Cococay Island

Off to Cococay Island

Our Boat

The Ferry

Back in a while!

Side shot

Filling the glass from the ocean challenge

Jigsaw junction

Searching for those darned letters

Leaving the water challenge

More jigsaw

Beach running



Waiting at the Finish

Almost there!

Jenny & Kris flying to the finish!


Enjoying the food

Island birds

They're everywhere!

One looks lost

Time to relax at the beach

Or snorkel

Getting chilly

Time to leave

Leaving the inlet

Rocky shores

On the ferry back

Belly flop contest!

All at the same time

The winner!

Flopping from afar

Da island

Another shot

Parasail boat heading home

Ship at night - landscape

And portrait