Lobster Hunt Invades South Philly!

Hunt for the Red October Lobster Crawls South

Seven teams and 35 hunters headed south (though north of the border) to compete for the highly sought after Lobster medals and immortal glory (or so I told them). The hunt began in the Cantina in the heart of South Philly. Teams traded stickers while searching for In the Bars clues. After some great food and drink, teams ventured outside to snap some Photo Hunt photos while moseying along Passyunk Avenue to P.O.P.E.. There the hunters jumped into Froggles (1st Sporting event of the evening) and a great selection beers!

Then it was onto Ray's Happy Hour Bar, where it is always happy hour! We managed to squeeze in between the afternoon bands and the evening bands. The hunters lost their marbles playing Shoot-a-Loop - sporting contest #2. More photos and more drink later, the hunters were off to our last stop of the evening - Devil's Den (a whole two blocks from Passyunk Avenue). Mick was nice enough to reserve some of the front tables for teams to hang out, and for me to hold the final contest for the evening - Gone Fishing! Starting in reverse order (fewest points) each team took a turn trying to nab all the fish as quickly as possible. A quick awards ceremony and celebration long into the late evening ensued!

The Cantina


Ray's Happy Hour Bar

Devil's Den

Contests and Winners