Lobster Hunt Crawls Back Again!

Hunt for the Red October Lobster Invades Art Museum Area

Five teams and 20 hunters (even more had entered!) braved a very reasonable evening to compete for the brand new Lobster medals and some cool lobster stuff. The hunt began in the Urban Saloon (as Penn State crushed Michigan). Teams traded stickers while searching for In the Bars clues. After some great food and drink, teams ventured outside to snap some Photo Hunt photos while moseying over to St. Stephen's Green. St. Stephen's was nice enough to give us the entire downstairs (and unfortunately all the clues were upstairs!) to hang out. The hunters tried their touch at the sea creature version of The Touch (1st Sporting event of the evening) and took some rather elaborate photos.

Then it was onto the Kite and Key, where the waitstaff seemed especially excited to see us! Sporting contest 2 was the Froggie Jump - how good is your memory after two bars????? More photos, some food and more drink later, the hunters were off to our last stop of the evening - Cherry Street Tavern. Once again we got the whole (back) room to ourselves! I scored most of the contests, then held the final Sporting Contest - Sharkie's Diner - starting with the last place team and finishing with Pete pulling enough junk out of the shark's mouth to claim victory! A quick awards ceremony and celebration ensued!

Urban Saloon

St. Stephen's Green

Kite and Key

Cherry Street Tavern

Contests and Winners