Super Fun at Claw Crawl!

A Great Start to the Hunt for the Red October Lobster

Eleven teams and 47 hunters competed for a plethora of lobster prizes! The weather was excellent as teams converged on Bob and Barbara's Lounge to start the hunt. The teams were set to compete in seven different contests: Lobster Attire, Sporting Events, Photo Hunt, In the Bars Seek&Find, Trivia Contest, Sticker Contest and a Hidden Puzzle. Once the hunt started, everyone scoured B&B's looking for the In the Bar answers, while trying their hand at one of the three Sporting Events - Fishing, Find It and Jigsaw Puzzle - trading stickers, taking pictures or solving trivia.

The hunt was setup so teams could choose to compete in some or all of the contests, while enjoying the different locations. Bob and Barbara's offered the famous "Special," for thirsty hunters, and Butch, the bartender, was a popular person since getting the bartender in a photo was worth 4 points (I was worth the sheet-high 5 points). The party moved onto Lucky Strikes where teams looked for more clues, snapped more photos and continuing to try the Sporting Events. Next up was the Las Vegas Lounge, where we were basically the whole bar! Some teams had solved the Hidden Puzzle, while others discovered the In the Bars answer answer answer.

The hunt finished up at Sugar Mom's, where an 80's party was in full swing. Ed scored the sheets and announced the seven winners, plus lots of consolation prizes. And then it was time to party!

Bob and Barbara's Lounge

Lucky Strikes

Las Vegas Lounge

Sugar Mom's

Contests and Winners