Team Fish People Extract Phil from Snowman!

Beat other teams in marathon finish!

Congrats to Fish People (formerly Team Robot – sortof) for their thrilling victory in the 10th annual Groundhog Day Night Hunt! Over 50 participants on nine teams persevered though the very noisy and crowded McGillins, Fergie’s and Irish Pub before finishing at a noisy and crowded Dirty Franks… and then starting a marathon final clue session which ended when Fish People correctly identified Phil’s hiding place as in the Snowman (specifically, the snowman stocking hanging on the ceiling of the bar)! Along the way, they scoured the walls at McGillins looking for beer signs, and at the Irish Pub looking for song sheets; read hidden blacklight messages at Fergie’s; played What-a-Mole iPad and Whac-a-Mouse; tried their hands at three Fastest Puzzles, and finally opened their Clementine to find the big final clue! We will definitely have a faster finish next year!

Thanks to all - Sunshine Arts received a $3,000 donation from us because of your efforts! I hope to see everyone next year, when Phil will be hiding in the... well, that would be telling!



Irish Pub

Dirty Franks

My Logic/Flow Sketch