Punks O'Tawny Rescue Phil from a Blue Night!

A record 66 hunters scoured the streets of Philly looking for him

Punks O'Tawny (Jordan, Abny, Kim, Sandra, Amy and Leah) found Phil in style after traveling from the Dark Horse to Tattooed Moms to Doc Watson’s and finally Dirty Franks. Last year their team missed out on Phil by seconds and they rebounded nicely to nab the Philster. It was a record crowd of 15 teams with an astounding sixty-six total participants! The teams gathered in a private bar at the Dark Horse, then traveled west to Tattooed Mom’s where we were basically the whole bars. After whacking the mole, teams continued west to Doc Watson’s where we had the entire second floor to ourselves (thanks John!) The teams tried their feet at stomping the spiders before bringing it home to Dirty Franks, where we descended upon the Saturday regulars. As Ed text messaged more clues, the teams worked feverously to figure out where Phil was. Finally, Punks O'Tawny screamed, “I know where Phil is!” as they grabbed the mini-Phil, and announced that is was indeed in the Blue Moon beer case high in the loft. The bouncer mounted the rickety ladder and brought down the case. Ed then liberated Phil from his hiding place and presented him to the winning team.

As a bonus, Ed picked up some Punxsutawney prizes for mini-challenges along the way, and Woodchuck Cider provided pint glasses and shirts that some of the participants got to take home. All in all a great event, and thanks again to Sheila for hosting us at Dirty Franks!

Next year the hunt will actually be on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2008. Save the date!

Dark Horse

Tattooed Moms

Doc Watson's

Dirty Franks


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