Heather and Ed Capture Full Moon Rallye 52!

For only the second time, the Full Moon Rallye was run by someone other than Ed -- previous winners Linda Cairnes and Jim Moskowitz. This walking rally started at 30th Street Station, then went around the Drexel area and back east across the Schuylkill, ending at Roosevelt's Pub. There were a few novel features to this rallye, including a new format that divided the course up into 22 legs with clear beginnings and ends, rather than using Route Instructions. As often happens with inexperienced designers, the rallye was unusually hard, and the mid-90s temperatures only increased the difficulty -- several teams decided to skip the last few legs, and several others took time penalties.  But the teams' high scores nevertheless yielded a photo finish, with Ed and Heather beating Madeline and Vincent by 355 to 360!

(In an unfortunate postscript, the second-place team realized the next day that they had actually gotten one more correct, but hadn't protested during the unveiling of the 'correct' answers, and by that point the winners had already been decided)

by Jim


Official Results

Those Pesky Clues!!