Linda and Jim Win Again in Full Moon Rallye 48!

Jim and Linda held onto the Full Moon Cup by finishing with the lowest score on a leisurely drive through Montgomery County. Each team received the same map and a list of locations to visit. They had to map the shortest route, then drive to each location and answer a simple question. Teams first drove a calibration loop so that their final mileage could be adjusted up or down to match the other team's odometers (most drove 3.8 miles, but a few cars had a tenth more or less). Then they left to find the eight different locations. Linda and Jim (left) did the course in 52 miles, while Kurt and Stephanie (below) were close behind at 54 miles, followed by Dorothy and Michael in third with 54.3 total miles. The weather was wonderful for the driving and except for that danged construction by the Trolley Car Diner (the end point), it was smooth sailing!


Official Results

Teams on the Course!