Summer 2007 Raft Trip
Penny Candy (well, actually Candy, Penny) Ignore the Silly Hats
On the River The River
Multi-colored Rafts! Jen & Adrian

Placing the Dry Box in a Dangerous Area

The Wonderful Floating Cooler

Ed's Feet Guarding the Cooler

Demonstrating the Paddle Pull-in Method

Our Competition

Lovely Scenery

Thank Goodness for Yellow Ropes!

How to Sleep On a Raft

Just Relaxin'

Cruising Along

Only the Spoon Knows

Ed, Tube and Beer

Pete and P-word

The Gathering Darkness

Working on That Timer


At Hawk's Nest, Looking North

And South

Waiting for the Pic

Group Shot

The Jersey-ites Depart Homer's

And Here Comes Pennsylvania

About one-half of the Load

And Most of the Other Half