Critters Around the Wagner Ranch Photos

Izzy in his favorite hangout... the shrub!

One famous composer

Lucy loves her red lobster!

And red chair!

Parker looking reallly cute

Guarding the tree

That's using your shrub!

Hmm, there's an awful lot of them...




That's a familiar looking location...

Duck island

And up for a visit

Boy those deer are petrified of us!

I mean really scared

Ah, the red tail

Who apparently likes bird seed

Hanging under the shrub

Or on our patio

It's just a black water snake.... under our ramp!

And in our backyard...

With a pretty long body!

Just a baby garter. Where's mom?

Does each know the other is there???


Sharpshin, perhaps?

And don't forget the box turtles!

Two Phils!

Repeat, Phil does NOT eat birds

Get on the grass!

Much better

Funky moth

Waiting for a bug