Fun for All!

Combustible Lemons Liberate Phil!!

Free Puzzle Solving Night on Tuesday, February 12th - theme is Art Heist!

Philly Brewpub Transit Tour IX will be April, 2019 (TBD)

Full Moon Rallye 68 will be Saturday, May 11th

Catch Ed at these 2019 Urban Adventure/Scavenger Hunt Events:

Adventure Hunt Philly - Saturday, April 13th
Urban Adventure Philly - Saturday, May 18th
Great Puzzle Pursuit! Details in 2019
Recent Club Ed Fun:

Photos and How It Worked from the 2019 Groundhog Day Night Hunt!

Photos from this year's Holiday Light Tour!

Christopher and Mary Jean Win Full Moon Rallye 67

Photos and Winners from the Hunt for the Red October Lobster

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Another Great Holiday Light Tour! With Santa!!