Team Robot Free Phil from Hot Dog Pot!

Beat aBuck380 by an anagram (that would be "top" vs. "pot")

Congrats to Team Robot for finding Phil first and winning the 2011 Groundhog Day Night Hunt! 60+ hunters on nine teams competed on a pretty nice night, traveling southeast from Cherry Street Tavern to Dirty Franks, and solving all sorts of amusing puzzles in an attempt to find and free Phil.

This year, Phil was hiding in the (thankfully!) unused hot dog pot at Dirty Franks. Hunters got to whack the mole - twice - and compete in several hidden and speed contests, in addition to solving the dastardly puzzles that slowly led them to the Phil's hiding location. Team aBuck380, who won last year, actually stormed in with the first guess, but sadly had unscrambled the puzzle as "hot dog top," which was oh so close. Team Robot was right behind and correctly answered "hot dog pot" to claim Phil for their very own. And several teams were just behind them!

Congrats to the winners - Phil and the special contests - and see everyone next year, when Phil will be hiding in the... well, that would be telling!

Cherry Street

Elephant & Castle

Black Sheep

Dirty Franks

My Logic/Flow Sketch

How It Worked