aBuck380 Free Phil From His Box-o-Death!!!

So Close Last Year - They Nab Phil This Time Around

Congrats to aBuck380 (not sure where they got that from!) for freeing Phil and winning the 2010 Groundhog Day Night Hunt! 48 hunters on nine teams braved the slightly snowy night (just like the movie!) to travel westward from Triumph to Dirty Franks, solving all sorts of diabolical puzzles in an attempt to free Phil. For the first time, Phil was not hidden, but rather trapped inside a clear box locked by a secret common word combination (Wordlock - see below). Teams gathered clues inside and outside each bar - Triumph, Las Vegas Lounge, Time and Dirty Franks - in a race to free Phil. I even enlisted staff to help hide and give out clues. Though most of the teams were so so close throughout the hunt, in the end Megan and her merry band figured out the correct combination - MINE - and successfully opened the box. Check out the photos and logic behind the madness - and hope to see everyone next year!


Las Vegas Lounge


Dirty Franks

My Logic/Flow Sketch

How It Worked... Coming (before February 20th!)