Punks O'Tawny Three-Phil-petes!!!

52 Hunters Look for 52 Cards... and One Phil

Well, to cut the chase, Punks O’Tawny found Phil for the third straight time after an exciting evening that ended with multiple teams all staring right at Phil’s hiding place and taking multiple guesses… all wrong! The theme for the evening was 52 Pickup, as in cards, so all the clues and puzzles involved cards. The hunt began at Tattooed Moms where the various teams assembled and received their first items, including questions to answer as they traveled to the second bar, The Dive, a playing card (with a number hidden along the bottom and the first secret word – CHILD – along the left side), trivia sheet (which had certain letters capitalized which instructed you to call the number on the playing card sheet) and other items. The mood was festive and we basically filled the bar (along with some punk rockers… which I believe belonged back in the late 70’s!). The teams pressed on into the night and onto the Dive.

Once at the Dive, teams played the Whack-a-Mole Tower as the first game of the evening, and got a Rebus to solve, as well as directions – with questions – to 12 Steps Down. Once teams solved the Rebus, they used the Groundhog coaster to find the second secret word: HIDE. The Dive was nice enough to give us the normally closed second floor and our own bartender!

Eventually all of the teams figured out the secret phone number, which led them to a City Paper box off-course, where they found the Blab newsletter. The puzzle on the Blab led them back to me, who gave them a playing card with a map to a friend’s house and instructions to look in the mail slot. Though it was dark, once they used their flashlight to illuminate the slot and then turned it off, the third secret word – BE – glowed in the dark. What fun!

The teams left the Dive and answered questions as they made their way to 12 Steps Down. There they played Whack-A-Mouse, got questions to look for on their way to the last bar, Dirty Franks, and a Photo Hunt. Solving the Photo Hunt told them how to find the fourth secret word: GAS.

Once more into the cold for a trip to Dirty Franks! The teams needed to line up the three question sheets to find the fifth secret word: IDLE. Once all of the teams had arrived, I gave out the last clue, which was to use the letters on the groundhog coin to cross out all but five cards on the card sheet, leaving the Final Five letters. Then one letter was added to each of the five words to form five new words, but in keeping with “double” instructions from the start, they had to double one of the letters to find the final secret words. Oh and there was also a double number involved. It sounds convoluted, but almost every team followed right along with it and arrived at: CHILLED, HIDDEN, BEER, GLASS, and MIDDLE. That sent most teams to the glass beer cooler – they scanned and scanned the cooler for what seemed like FOREVER. Finally, after several bad guesses (some around the “33” on Rolling Rock), Punks O’Tawny guessed the correct “99” for the two Magic Hat #9’s sitting right in the middle of the case! And hidden behind them was a very chilly Phil, inside a black plastic bag. The revelers stayed around for quite some time and enjoyed the hospitality of Sheila and Jody. Now where to hide Phil next year…

Tattooed Moms

The Dive

12 Steps Down

Dirty Franks

Clues and Such

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