Punks O'Tawny Find Phil Again for Two-Pete!

Over 30 hunters scoured the streets of Philly looking for him

Punks O'Tawny repeated as champion Phil-Finders in a very exciting Groundhog Day Night Hunt! They duked it out all night against the Gang of Five (okay, I made this name up). The Gang struck first by correctly answering all 14 trivia questions, but the Punks struck back (literally) by winning the first Whack Off. They struck again by correctly solving the Blab puzzle (yes indeed, I do want a pony!). The gang stuck back by winning the brand new Whack-a-Mole Tower to even things up. It seemed very likely that one of them would find Phil... but which?

The night started on an interesting note as the Tritone forget we were coming - only opened the doors at 5pm (for the 5pm start), despite assurances a week before that they would open early for us. No matter. I got organized and gave out the stuff. We had eight teams and just over 30 hunters. After enjoying some Specials, team left for the short stroll to the Ten Stone. There they tried the Whack-a-Mole pad and began to piece together the clues (finding the hidden envelope under the sink and the Blab in the PW box outside). The group then moved back down South Street to Bob & Barbara's, where more Specials awaited us, along with the new Tower.

We WERE the bar at the Tritone, a good chunk of the bar at the Ten Stone and almost the whole bar at B&B's. When we arrived at Dirty Frank's, the bar was hopping with the usuals, so we packed the place full (thank goodness for the smoking ban!!!!!). I began to text out hints to all the teams. Some had settled in for the evening, but most were hard at work trying to solve the puzzles. In the end about four teams were pretty close, but, true to form, Punks O'Tawny came through with the "I know where Phil is" shout first and correctly identified his location.

With Phil safely out of his hiding spot, I could give out the valuable prizes donated by Woodchuck Cider (because you know a woodchuck is a groundhog). The hunters then settled in to view Groundhog Day, which miraculously was playing on the television! Thanks to everyone for attending and a special thanks to Val, who was in town for a conference and agreed to take photos (and take photos she did!). Till next year...

Tritone - no pics!

Ten Stone

Bob & Barbara's

Dirty Franks

My Logic Sheet

What Was I Thinking